Saturday, September 04, 2010

deads bells in hells heels

Fire Angel's Facebook account post to my friends, friend me, I'll friend you, Fireangels Salsh angels agnles aglnes angles, the dsleyicas is bad to night, noo on a no smoke in house alert,

paren't said, no

Charles said

I won't smoke on the fire line property line.

what about out front at street end ,,,, bingo

off I go

eavery one thinks my mom is crazy wearing a set of layered coats in the middle of summer

I can walk in ice water whiile I fire my hands on fire

Who is Fire Angle Agnle Angle angel agnel

Who am I I ask you comment on facebook on here in the park in the malls, in the howling winds of times angles

Who is Charles Edward Owens Jr.

Charles E. Owens Jr. no third
just last of the line me, parents are still alive and keeping me safe

I is 2 I is two I is fireangel 2 and ()9 no they are my brother James.

I am fire angel six, or plain fire angel, Mac Daddy's party first friday after payday of the month party hosted by me.

Next time I'll bring 1,000 or was it 10 cents, darn these number don't make since, sence sense, facebook has 500 million online users.

Get gee get gte no I ahve A T & T

And codes and writings and things and money to burn through like fire on fire eating the smokers in cancers sticks, I carry mine in a coffin case, in my nuker pocket in my pool stick case, fot forgot my ZOTS ZOT I great me miss you gary hart BC is in is good hands grand kids, and sisters and wife etec etc

I love playing wire fire lines,

I am Fire Angel
I am Charles,
I am

your brother in Christ's light
Peace to the world this fire angels night, or is it day already in england???

2 hours till dawn local time.

my flaming hand itches,

left hand hols the fire bombers tirgger figner

right hand the zippo

Got to smoke a few more tonight

In th e lightof day not a chance I am going else where Iaam sure, going to hell it is home in hot is the house ugh, sticky I am on fire again, lol

I did stand up karoke steger,,, Turn the page, with 2 smokes and a mike on the stage again, turnthe page,

turn the page, refreash reafresh refresh your rate of refreshis 3 per for trhtthe eyes,

mines in one day at a time, twists in the wind of times curvy arrow

GooGle bucky balls

hell on fire, bring the dead burnt he dead, the living go to heaven if you don't think so, so be it, I do not care, I no worries,

I handle fire for

possile is possible is God is not there, you are dead and I am nin e

possible pi is 3.14 and changes for 459,908,983,245,229,000 times thin then repeats...

Do we know yet that number?

I do not care, my trigger fingers itch I need to fire angels up

Calling all fireangels, you know who you are,
Thisis a test test test testing

Police, 911



dragon riders, flieght night tommorrow park.

bye bye
Charles is out of th houseae


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