Tuesday, October 05, 2010

BioWebScape update and things

Dear friends,

The weather is dry dry around here, going on three weeks without rain, maybe even four really. I have more than 100 gallons left of stored water, I know it is more but to guess how much would be only a guess. I am pulling from four different barrels that have water in them. Three 55 gallons, and a 30 ish gallon one. I still have the AC drip collector, but have not been running the AC unless it gets over 80 in the house and with nights getting down to the 40's that hasn't happened in a few days.

I was transplanting a dying Purslane plant I had in a leftover styrofoam container from the kitchen, when I noticed all the babies in the soil, the plant seeded and they are all over the place, I guess they sprouted when I last watered it. Today I saw it dry still and decided to just move it to a raised bed, now I am glad I did.

The onion sets that we planted in the spring that did not do so well and died off, seem to have weathered over the summer and some are now sprouting again. Also the onion likes cooler weather than we had this summer, so there is that, I guess I really need to do more reading up on the times things like to live. Once I knew, but time has gone under that bridge and learning again is what this is all about.

The basil self seeded, and I am either going to transplant them all to other areas, or just let them winter over in place and mulch them with leaves and then move them in the spring, or leave them where they are and plant around them. They are in the raised beds out back and not in the general population of the yard.

I have peas and greens growing in containers. The two 20 gallon tubs that I used for my potato experiment have Sugar Snap peas in them and some greens. I also have two clothes hampers that someone threw out because they were cracked in the bottoms, with bags in them and soil and one with mixed greens and the other with mixed greens and peas. I have the Old Grey Tote from the old M.M. Cohn stores that had holes drilled in it planted with some swiss chard. Almost all the greens are at that tiny nibble leaf size, just enough to taste and want more, and have to wait stage. The soil mix that I used seems to hold water well if I miss watering them for a day or so. The weather is cool at night so the evaporation is not so bad, but the clear dry days still pull the water vapor out.

The roma tomato is setting fruit again, which is cool, hopefully the freezes stay away for a while longer, it'd be cool to have some more tomatoes this late in the season. All the peppers have been stressed with the dryness but still have fruit and I am letting it getting bigger and maybe get ripe or just further along than I had earlier in the season.

I still have to find out about the acorns from across the street and the ones from one of our trees to see if they are lower in tannins enough to eat( still have to soak them and it'd be good in running water, which I don't have). The squrriels have so many things to eat around here they don't know what to do with themselves. Two nieghbors kill them, so the population has taken a dive in recent months, not something I can do about that one. I am not the killing of squrriels kind of person. Even though I eat meat, or ant eggs, they just aren't on my list. I don't see myself getting to the point where I have to eat them to survive, if they are around, then other edibles will be too.

I pray the water holds out till the rain comes back, but if not oh well, we will get there when we get there.

Hugs and the peace of the Lord be with you all.


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