Friday, September 03, 2010

!4 2 1 odds plus wood U play agnst Me?

"14 to one odds"+"would you play against me?"Those were the odds of a game of Risk, Dale Newton was going to attack Charles at those odds, figuring he could beat him.NOT!But going in I did not know the odds, never really cared, I just enjoyed the results of getting in the Zone.I call it a state of mind, where I expect nothing, only asking God to give me a sign.I'd get there while closing out the world around me and trying not to think of the things I was always hearing, being as poker face, stoic as possible. no worries, just let God have a chance to talk for once.You can't hear him in the thunder, you can't hear him in the lava flowing pass your past door ways, you can't hear him unless you close off yourself and say do and think nothing.I tired to expalin that to someone and he was to noisy, noisey, or was that my little child's breath in an adult body, screaming WHAY WHY blah blah ba ba ab ababababababa ME LORD?If you doubt me, stay silent for 6 months like a buddists monk or a catholic, or the rive that says, where to next lord!I just look and see, then look again the eyes plays tricks with light and shoadows, shadows, smokes and mirrors.Stay clam fear not the Lord is looking out for you from the day your were not to the day you meet him.Hugs from Arkansas.Your Brother in Christ's peace, Charles.


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