Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lasix and six am.

Dear friends,

Due to medical issues I at times need to take Lasix to get rid of water weight, But one should remember to not take it and plan on going back to bed. I must weight 5 pounds lighter now, and by the end of the day 10 pounds maybe. My legs will thank me.

Recently I have been writing a lot more than I have in the past while, but none of that writing has made it to this page, so if you are readers and have been wondering if I had died or something, No, I just have not taken the time to post here.

Then again, no one comments, so maybe I am just writing in a nice online journal that I'll be able to show someone someday and prove to them that I did do what I said I did, just no one noticed it. Oh, that sounds like I need a hug, Pity poor little me. Really I don't care much that I might just be talking out loud to myself in a crowded room where others can look at me and wonder if I am crazy or not.

I am crazy. See there, your problems are solved. Stay away from me, give me the cold shoulder, Please I like cold things to lean on.

I got to walk in snow again this winter, it snowed about a smidgen and by the time I got outside, I had to go into the shaded areas to get to the snow. But I walked in snow barefoot another year.

Then yesterday I saw the edge of a video screen showing someone making a snow angel and thought about my other favorite thing to do when there is enough snow. Taking my shirt off and making a snow angel in a pillow of cold fluff. Aw what a great way to jar one out of the winter hum drums. By the way I love cold showers too, so you now know I am crazy just by these three events that I like to do, besides anything else I might prove myself to you by.

Hands everyone a Hot mug of their favorite drink, just to warm them up after reading that last paragraph.

I have noticed an increase lately of people who post online of being less civil than they used to be in the past back when they were first getting to know the Internet say 25 years ago. Now you can't even get away with calling yourself a Christian without people jumping to the front to push your statements to the ground and rough you up. There is also a big push to be totally correct in spelling and grammar usage, as if most people have not been trashing the English language all these years online. Civil discourse has taken the back seat, something I wonder about and hope does not go to far.

On a positive note, Soon we will have our very own bathroom break again. Lasix works wonders, soon I'll be another pound lighter.

Your Brother in Christ,
The Peace of the Lord be with you,


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