Sunday, January 03, 2010

The dreams of future present in a past prologue

Ever have one of those dreams, where everything that you did in the past few hours before going to sleep is translated into a dreamworld setting, and then you get the feeling that someone was trying to tell you something?

I just had one of those dreams.

I sleep a very odd schedule nothing is the same week to week, I'd make most people feel jet lagged and rag rug beaten if they lived my life. I was up for over 36 hours, not because I had too, just because I had to not sleep in a chair, but I could have gone to bed if I had not been interested in reading something. Only if I had gone to bed 5 minutes sooner I would have had to sleep on a couch that was to short for me, which I was still wanting to do but was putting it off a few more minutes while reading and posting to one of my forums. Then bang people show up and things have changed, so I stay up a little longer only to have the tables turned and my couch is taken by one of them. Then it was stay up and talk to folks that I won't see again for a while versus going to rest on an air bed that is equally uncomfortable in a chilly part of the house. So there I was doffing on my 4th 24 ounce cup of truckstop coffee while riding home, sitting in the back of a van stuck in traffic backed up for 4 miles because of an accident with my bladder filling and getting full second by long second. When the traffic cleared, we could have stopped or gone straight home in about 20 minutes, so why not just plan for a rush to the door to bathroom and empty out the bladder instead of stopping. Ah then, Now I am home I can't sleep just yet so I am up another few hours. Crash! Something like 36 hours up or so and jet lagged via ride home in a warm van.

So my dream which relates to my thinking minutes before actually going to bed is so wonderful I would be doing it ill just trying to tell you what it was like having seen it first hand. Reminds me of several things.

We saw this wonderful Sunset while driving on I-40 heading out of Memphis towards Little Rock, I can't do it justice by telling you how wonderful and long lasting it was, So I will just tell you that It WAS AWESOME, and leave it at that.

Then there was the 3-D version of AvAtAr ( the A's in the title have this design feel to them that stand out, but they won't look that way in this post unless in Cap's and still won't look right in the final outcome, but arghhh! you get the point again.). I could tell you what I saw but I can't do it justice, I could tell you the age old storyline and might be able to give you a good picture of the old story, but if you have seen it, you know it, and if you haven't seen it, you have heard it over and over again already, or don't want to know the ending, so why bother letting me tarnish it by hashing over it again as well.

So will I trash it like the critics who have been posting online for their own 15 seconds of fame on the many Movie review sites, Or will I praise it as the best retelling of the age old boy meets girl and the bad guy tries to kill him story? No. I'll say that It was a nice little story with visual sights I can't put into words because it was like that dream I had, or the sunset I saw, except you can go see it yourself, unlike the dream and the sunset which you just had to be there to have seen. Luckily my Parents whom I was riding with yesterday saw the Sunset as well so that was shared. And the dream was for my eyes only, but I kinda wished I could have downloaded it so that you could have seen it as well, but you'd never have been able to enjoy it like I did having been involved with it first hand from last thought to last image to wakefulness.

Avatar is like a dream the author had one day and was able to layer it out into a vision that he could share. You'll like it or not, he can't change your opinion much by saying anything about it, all he can do really is stand back and let you see it.

Did you take time out of your day to watch a sunset? Did you sit and watch birds eating and flying about? Have you listened to the newest song while having your eyes closed trying to picture yourself in the same room as the people playing it? Did you pray today? Did you just sit still and not worry about anything, just letting the cold crisp air chill you to the bone? I don't know, but if you have done these or 10,000 other simple things in the past 500 years, do you feel any better for it? Again I don't know. That is up to you to answer.

I enjoyed thinking fast and typing hard to get these thoughts to you, if you enjoyed the ramble, great, if you didn't enjoy the ramble, better luck next time.

God Bless You, and May you have the Peace of the Lord.


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