Monday, August 18, 2008

The play on words

I talked to my brother about the Play I am composing, Writing, hashing out with my mind or whatever a PlayWright does when he has something he thinks others will think about as entertaining. Now my brother he is a stage actor with a side job working for NASA, Stage actors in his group do it mostly for the fun of getting up on stage and being seen act after act doing crazy, or sensible things, or whatever they were drilled to do hoping they don't forget to many of their marks, or lines, all for the glory of the stage nothing for the pocket book.

I don't know I think I would like to get some money for my play if I can get it written and staged, I don't want a big stage show just me and a few people getting together to put on a little ditty of a play about a man going crazy.

3 Acts, Mr. S. Clause, his Therapist, His assistant, a bathroom mirror, his stool on a stage in a small nightclub, various people to see him, friends and the crowd which due to stage space is the people out in the Real Theatre. Oh and let us not forget, Santa Claus, and Satan Claws the guys living inside his head.

Because of my very nature I Ad-Lib a lot of the speaking parts of Santa and Satan when they show up to torment Mr. S. Clause poor guy can't get a word in edge wise when they are off on one of their little rants as the days and weeks grow further along we might even find Mr. S. as his assistant calls him, going into a pit of a hospital ranting and raving but I have not decided if I want to go that far, maybe just mention it as something that happened off screen after the first act. I tend to write as I go, fleshing out the scene in my mind then letting my Ad-Lib nature take hold and just fly with what comes out of it and then if it works it works if it don't OH WELL you are stuck with it, deal with it and get on to the next few lines or days.

So that dear Readers is where you will find me, relaxing outside in my hammock taking in the summer nights in our cooler August weather ranting and raving and trying to remember where I put my glow in the dark chalk for my next artistic outing in the driveway.

If you hear a howling I Swear it is not me but it might be Santa running loose in my backyard not wanting to sit down and remember his lines for the play.



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