Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Poem for her 76

Dear Readers,


The world sees spring time in different ways
Robins show up here, and spring plants start to grow
The daffodils are out and the parsley is up
The rains come and the last bits of snow falls
Trips are taken, presents given, scrap books started
The winter things put away for another year
Soon more picnics outside
Soon cuddling on the porch swing
Cooking outside a bit more now as the days heat up
Spring time when things get green from the sleep of winter
Soon the irises will peek out just a bit more
One last snow fall to get to last bits of winter gone
Then off to the spring flower shows
The gardening shows and what to plant
Planning where to go for the next
Long cuddle after a spring walk
Her in my arms in my thoughts
Springtime together again

Happy Birthday Babe,



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