Saturday, May 20, 2017

Poem for her 171

Dear Readers,

She is Here

Dream girl sitting here glass in hand
Holding my fingers in hers singing a song
Sitting here eating a cracker with cheese
Sipping a wine I picked out of the closet
She is here just sitting there smiling at me
Her body moving to the music thinking thoughts
Of things we are planning, or yesterday's kisses
She has cuddled all morning with me in the dark
As the rain fell outside our window unknown to us
Dream Girl holding my hand on our journey
Through ages long to be drifting in her arms
Want you here to know how much she means to me
So I say again and again I love You Babe
She is here about to hand me our glass of wine
Dream girl in my sight in my arms with a kiss

Happy Birthday Babe,



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