Friday, May 19, 2017

Poem for her 170

Dear Readers,


She woke earlier than me
But I went to bed later than she
The times were off
Due to us not being in the same place
We tend toward waking about the same time
That morning hungry spot
Then if not in the same pillow pile
We might wake and sleep oddly
This Friday we were not in the same one
But only the morning of
That first kiss Good Morning
Corrected a lot of the sleepy feelings
We'd be arranged on the same pillow pile
Soon as the night rolled back round
Never easy to sleep away from each other
Always great to be back in her arms
Kissing her shoulder and left hand
Singing a tune for me as I pour hot drink
The toast today was nice
Her feel in my hands again bliss
Friday wants to see her kiss

Happy Birthday Babe,



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