Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Poem for her 167

Dear Readers,


When I see her I want to do so many things
My mind shuts down for a while in overload
She sees me pause while cooking breakfast
Tells me things about her day to be
I stop to get the toast and eggs just right
She smiles calling me a perfectionist
I watch her draw circles in the sand
My mind shuts down for awhile as she stands
I trace the outlines of her hand
I want to say so many things, so I say that
It is all so hard to think when she is close
She looks at me and as our hands mingle
Thoughts are many as the years have gone by
We sit and hands mingle into one hand
She smiles as I say I had a hard time seeing
Which fingers were mine and which hers
We get up from the breakfast table
And just go and spend the day in cuddles

Happy Birthday Babe,



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