Saturday, March 04, 2017

Poem for her 81

Dear Readers,

Modern world meets cabin in woods.

Without a phone She and I couldn't talk easy
But in yesteryear I'd have sent her a telegraph
She could have seen the once a month mail delivery by coach
Today if she travels I can send her an Email
Or she can read this blog or post here too
The cabin in the woods doesn't have a TV
But does have a phone
Smoke signals to our friends and family in the City
I'd want to be just us in the nowhere of the woods
But we would still have a mail box somewhere for things
Like notes and cards and stuff
We do art work with pin and ink
Pencil and paper things we don't make
So the Modern world is still there
But the cabin in the woods we don't have a clock on the wall
Off to the doctors we go at a set time
But we don't wake to given hour unless we want to
We like the Modern world
But Love the cabin in the woods

Happy Birthday Babe,



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