Friday, March 03, 2017

Poem for her 80

Dear Readers,

Porch Times

Distant chimes sound on the porch
The wind blows them and the rain wets them
The porch swing sways if the wind picks up
She loves to swing on the moving bench
I love to watch swing there
I also love to join her
We like the porch swing
At the house in the city there is one too
Out back under a canopy
Swinging back and forth
Breezes blow, the birds sing, and flowers hum
We like to kiss often on the porch swing
Feet swaying eyes closed and lips touching
Even in winter when it might snow
Covered up and out for a bit
Fall is her season of choice
Warm but cooling off a great time to swing
Spending time on the porch together

Happy Birthday Babe,



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