Thursday, March 02, 2017

Poem for her 78

Dear Readers,


She lays there snuggled to a pile of pillows
Cuddled in close to Pillow
As I sit there watching her rest
Hoping her headache has lessened
She rolls over and looks at me
Hair down over her eyes
Eyes visible but not
I ask her softly if she is better
She nods her head
To her I bring a Hot tea poured fresh
From a thermos bottle that kept it warm
I brush her hair out of her eyes
I kiss her nose
Whisper love notes to her
Head ache is for the most part gone
Tender care over the years
Time told ways to care
For her there
In Our place wherever it is
House in the city,
Or cabin in the woods
Together Cuddled Close

Happy Birthday Babe,



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