Monday, March 20, 2017

Poem for her 99

Dear Readers,

Wow 99 poems, almost that other number too, then on and on. She gets them in person a lot too, so I only share some of my thoughts here, there are others of a more private nature, and even ones that could go here as they are tied into ones already here, but they likely won't be shared to soon. Lots of thoughts heading in her direction all day long, though I have missed posting to the blog itself a time or two, she was getting love notes, and conversations still, as we were traveling and or didn't have internet.

Back When

Back when I first met you
I don't remember the date
Barely remember the month
But we kept seeing each other
In a place
In that place of many spaces
Lots of faces
Just another set of people in the crowds
We'd stand and chat
Then chat some more
Till we started
Thinking of being there for
Chance meetings and greetings
Over the course of time
You asked for a Poem
Thoughts of changes already there
Seeking something more
Hoping for a sign of sparks
We both sought a bit more
You sang me happy birthday wishes
I wrote you a poem
Then something caught fire
Though we'd been smouldering for a while
There was smoke in the wind
We aren't sure when
The embers started
Likely when
I said Hi

Happy Birthday Babe,



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