Monday, March 20, 2017

Poem for her 100

Dear Readers,


The radio had been going all day
Channel surfing as it were
From talk to music not really finding
What I wanted to listen too
Even if I got one that was okay
I'd drive out of range
I wanted to hear something
Something wonderful
But she couldn't call yet
When she does,
Radio powered off
Phone flipped open
Baited breath
I Love You
First words out of my mouth
Days when I travel alone
I can never get enough of her calls
Mainly due to celltower ranges
Or those other factors
But when I am away from her
I need her more and more
As the hours expand
Being away from her
So I love the time we get to chat
Love going back toward her
Love hearing her soft voice
Saying the things it does
Right after that welcome home kiss
Which can take a while
That long welcome home kiss

Happy Birthday Babe,



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