Thursday, February 18, 2010

The simple bread

Late in 2006 I got back into shortbread making, I had been away from it for a while and thought that I could share my cookies with people. Most cooks like to get that special smile from people when those tasters sample something the cook had made. Be it a pat on the back, or high praise in the annuals of National Food Critic (wherever that would be in the real world). But I never got more than some high praise from a few friends and everyone else, just seemed sort of blah about shortbread.

Then I got back into my first love, bread making. I experiment a lot, the basics are flour and water. If you add yeast you get bubbles, if you add sugar you get more bubbles, if you add oil you get more flavors, if you add anything else it is a Boom of flavors. The kinds of bread are only limited to the numbers of hours in your lifetime that you have to make them. But that does not limit the numbers of breads that are possible. I don't think anyone but GOD knows the limits to them.

I got into experimenting with Olive Oil as the oil in my breads in 2008, perfecting several recipes. When I say perfecting them I only mean that I can actually recreate them again, which takes making the time to make detailed notes on what you put in the mix. I usually just start throwing things together and if they work, and I like the outcome, I go back and try to remember how I made it. Sometimes I have to nix this, and add that, or slow down here, or speed up there to make the recipe work better, the second, third or fourth time I engage in making it. But I have found that the five things I need to start with, are the best ones so far. I am sure someone else would want to add things to the recipes I have made, and I might not be the first person to have made them, I don't know, I only have one bread book cookbook and I have not read it in over a decade. Once you know the basics everything else is fun.

I have it here somewhere, the one with Olive oil in it. Flour water yeast olive oil sugar. simple.

This year I am trying something new, Flour water yeast cocoa butter sugar. The first one was not as great because I was looking for a pourable dough and that seems to need a few more tests. But this morning's second try seems to have worked out exactly. I'll post the recipe only when I know it works correctly, It is still rising.

Share the things you see here, If I post a recipe, I don't care if you credit me or not. Heh, If I really had to claim anything, this posting medium would be claim enough.

But I don't want to limit things, If I share it with you, use it and even patent it if you like, I don't care, sharing is better.

Yours in Christ,


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