Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dead Mann, Installment #1

Dead Mann


Burning bits of the boat rained down on the water as
Richard broke the surface gasping for air. His first thought was, where were his parents. He Looked toward the boat none of the upper decks were there just ribs and flames. The Helo pad was missing and a gash to the waterline just in front of the engine room had the boat listing and it would sink fast. He struggled to remember where his parents would have been as he swam toward the boat.


How had he gotten this far away? What could have happened? No answers just more questions and the fear of knowing they were dead. If they were dead then he should be too. Fear turned to rage and anger what or who could have done this?

The current was drifting him away from the wreckage, now almost gone below the waves. He swam harder and got close enough to feel the heat of the last flames as they hissed away to the depths.

His parents were both excellent swimmers and were strong and healthy. He yelled and cried for them knowing he would get no answers. The years of training took over finally and he turned to find the sun and get a bearing on the shore. Eight miles was not that far to swim part of his mind thought as he searched for drifting parts of the boat.

He found a life-ring scorched on one side taking the ‘Mai’ out of Maid Marian, leaving Bride of Robinhood untouched as it circled the bottom half of the ring. He pulled the strap over his head and left arm and starting swimming for shore.


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