Saturday, March 18, 2017

Poem for her 97

Dear Readers,

Things to think about.

When she smiles at me I tend toward melting.
When she walks into the room, I look at her.
Looking at her all the time makes her smile.
Holding her hands when I can.
Helping her do chores is fun.
Planning the next meal is cool.
Playing new games, or creating new rules for old ones.
Always touching each other's dreams.

When she looks in the mirror, she hears my whisper.
I tell her often enough what I could be saying.
From a list of things to encourage her, during her day.

When we food shop we go into the sections where,
Interesting food might lurk, but we like old standbys
And new flavors, trying something new often enough,
To make our days seem like discovery vacations.

When she wears my shirt to paint in.
When she gets paint on that shirt.
When we draw on that shirt.
When we giggle about how we just made art together.
When we go get another shirt to do it all over again.
When we add them to the pile of artful shirts to do chores in.
When I smile about all the things she says to me.

Lots of things more to think about.
Lots of memories to cherish.
Lots of long cuddles to hold on too.
Lots of smiles in the mirror.

Happy Birthday Babe,



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